Some Other Names for Rain

I call you the grass grower and tree summoner. I call you fire extinguisher. I call you the cold shower, and sun destroyer, Vitamin D stopper, and water summoner when the rain is heavy.

Last Night’s Curry

Rub out mistakes. Burning hands to remove the stains. Keep thumbing, pressing, pushing. Screwing up your face. Through gritted teeth. Remove the evidence of last night’s sin.

Why Reading for Pleasure?

I decided to write a poem to share my love of reading with the children in my class. So many books… Not sure where to look? Let’s tidy them up as a start, Then read them all and awaken the heart. Reading is everywhere, all shapes and sizes, Look around and...
A Place Where I Always Go.

A Place Where I Always Go.

New to this community and excited to share my writing and be inspired by that of others. During this period of lockdown, I have often stopped to think about all the places and people that are part of my idea of ‘home’. I chose to turn to writing to make these come...