spider miles

I love Spiderman like Tom Holland and many more but I like Miles because he cool and smart I’m a Muslim IM 10 its pretty nice also I’m a good superhero I’m calm most of the time Today in London its 28 degrees.


its not a swearing game. my first time playing was the best sometimes it gets me angry also its really hard so moral of the story play fortnight i would recmend it

The Boondocks

Chapter 1 I bet you didn’t know there were kids that lived in New York. They lived in an a apartment in the Bronx with their uncle and aunt. The names were Jay and Jayden they were twins. Jay was born thirty seconds before Jayden. Jay was a good kid with...

Diary of a Lazy Kid

Monday First day of secondary school Monday I have a bunch of new classmates and in my class there are two bully’s one of them is as big as a gorilla the other one is as fat as a pig but there both as hairy as a wolf their muscles as big like a rock but one of...


in Brziu we r plain I competition me and mI frind mI frin d Was megl and dnon and 3 mo pepos r inmigs r so gid brt r tem was mo beta and dn we strt the gam and dn mi fmnds prs to me and dn I prsibak and mi frmnd prsitbak and