“Nicola Izibili has worked with teachers from Windmill Cluster of Schools over a number of years providing a range of primary training and support with Cluster Literacy Moderation. She is highly skilled at working with teachers in the development of child-focused strategies to support raising standards in writing. As an experienced teacher herself Nicola has an accessible and practical approach: she nurtures teachers’ confidence and her passion for developing children’s creative writing skills is infectious.

Teachers have said:

  • ‘I learnt so much from the session and was able to apply in my lesson the next day…..I was able to model a good piece of writing with confidence. Children were engaged and produced some lovely writing’
  • ‘ The workshop expanded my knowledge on modeled writing and provided me with increased knowledge on how to cater to children’s needs’
  • ‘ The workshop has helped me to see how I can provide more opportunities for children to contribute during modeled writing processes and also how to make the sessions more engaging for children’
  • ‘Nicola was engaging and charismatic. She was realistic and catered to all levels’
  • ‘I was inspired!’

Nicola has devised a range of practical strategies that make a difference in the classroom straight away and on a personal note, her reliable, organised and friendly style makes her a pleasure to work with.”

Rachel Thomas

Cluster Partnership Manager , Windmill Cluster of Schools

“Nicola Izibili is an outstanding professional. She is a dynamic teacher, able to excite and motivate children. Her practical approach to problem solving has driven her to develop an impressive range of teaching materials to enable children to excel as writers. Her strategies for improving children’s writing are both novel and effective. Nicola uses her detailed knowledge of classroom practice and her experiences of leadership and school improvement to very good effect in working with schools, both at a strategic and classroom level.

The teachers that she worked invariably find the advice and teaching strategies she provides both useful and practical.”

Sheila Hentall

Independent Education Consultant - previously Lewisham Literacy , Consultant and School Improvement Officer

“Nicola Izibili worked at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School, Peckham where I was the Head teacher, as a classroom teacher with responsibility for English across the phases. Nicola’s enthusiasm, her clear and careful planning, delivery and assessment of lessons and her extensive subject knowledge enabled the children in her care to make very good progress. She was able to advise colleagues effectively and demonstrate exceptional teaching of English in the classroom.”

Mark Parsons

Former Head teacher, Oliver Goldsmith Primary School