I got my cat Pixi from my mum she put a particular box under the Christmas tree when we opened it it was a dog’s bed my sisters and I rushed to my mothers room as we interrogated her we later found out that we were not going to get said dog instead a majestic white cat that we approximately spent 2 days looking for a name that stopped at Pixi. We met her on March 18th. If you want to know she’s a white British cat with yellow eyes .When she first arrived she was the size of your hand and her nails where the size of a full stop she was so love able . Her eyes are as bright of the yellow of the sun even at night her eyes glowed like the distant sun . Pixi is a menisci to society you know those pieces of skin on your nails and when you peal it off there’s just a piece of exposed layers of skin she can do that to you in one swipe on your face your leg and on your arm and it will hart and then shell lick her paw and glair at you . She choses her bed time because she is 24 . She was going to be a boy but he was so rough and energetic so we picked her . So we picked her for my younger sister . When we got her home she was so worried . as soon as we let her out the carrier she ran up the stairs and hid under my bed . She trusted me first after I let her sniff my hand . After that she’s been my buddy ever sine .

My best friend Kash is scared of Pixi for some resin if he sees her he’s in my room under the cover . My cat Pixi loves me but I’m pretty sure she hate’s him with a compassion . First visit one time we where going to my room Kash and I saw my little cat Pixi was glairing at us as kash leaned agents the wall keeping a watch at her as she kept her eyes on him but I just walked past her tickling the bottom of her neck .

yesterday I was playing on my Xbox and I heard a rattling noise it sent shivers down my spine . I checked my bin but noting was there the I heard it ageing but it was under my bed . the first time I checked there was nothing there . so I checked and under my bed on the bottom shelf the was my cat with a donut collar and she was licking her bottom she had scared my so much she stayed there for the rest of the day. .