I thought, on the eve of our return, I would share something I wrote back in May and was too scared to share. But, I’m grabbing the bull by the horns so to speak and, following the inspiration and feeling from last week’s Twitter chat, I’m sharing this. Although written at the end of lockdown 1, there are still some of the same feelings there. It’s crazy how things in the last year have been so here are my thoughts , as a teacher, in the pandemic. Thankfully, we welcome back all tomorrow so whatever happens, we’ve still got this, we still stand strong and to our children, family, and colleagues, we’ve got you too.

Some days are up; some days are down,
Some end with a smile; some with a frown
It feels so surreal this world that we’re in
It’s so far from what we knew; I don’t know where to begin
The front line workers are holding the fort fighting a virus which people have caught
The children come in with an air of doubt
Their little faces confused and wondering what this is all about
They know there’s a virus changing us all
Already they’ve been through so much whilst still so small
Their teachers are here but their friends they are not
They miss the normality, they miss it a lot
Who would’ve thought the day would come where we wish to go to school and we think it is fun
We soon face the challenge of more going back and it’s not because teachers should pick up the slack
It won’t be the same, it won’t be the norm but I’ll tell you for one we will ride out this storm
As teachers, we stand united and strong
As we make up a plan as things move along
The guidance it changes but our love it does not
The only certainty that remains is our love for our jobs
That still stays the same
For most it is scary, we cry and we groan
But our children should know they’re not alone
However it looks, these next few months, your teachers all love you and send you all hope.
From the bottom of our hearts and the tip of our toes, we will do what we can, we will help you all cope.
For teachers are strong, and caring and kind
And all of our families are all in our mind
This virus is here to test us all
But right now, we as teachers, we stand proud and tall