Me and My Cousin

DRAFT One day I was at my uncle’s house, playing with my two cousins the same age as me.  I have one younger cousin and I was playing my favourite and she was next to me. I was in this game so much I would not move from this mobile game if you will take me to...

In School

When I was in school I said the s*** word that I should not say. Me and my friends were playing basketball in the school. When I was in school I did a good choices.

In School

DRAFT when I was in school we were playing basketball and we won and it was fun.The was a rain falling to fast and me and my mom said oh the rain is comeing fast as what I said.

That Time in the Medical Room.

I raced along the corridor with straight legs, past the Whitcourt Farm display to the toilets.  Mr Reedy had suggested an early lunch and whilst I was incredibly grateful to have been invited to back to Holbeach for the reading training, my bladder was bursting.  I...

A Conversation with My Dad

I thought I’d be going over the park after lunch, you know the climbing frame, the roundabout and just hanging about with whoever was around.  And then he asked me.  My dad asked me if I wanted to go over to the park and ride my bike.  With him! I felt so special that...