Blog Comments

Q: What is the difference between a website and a blog?

A: Comments!

Q: What is the difference between ‘likes’ and comments?

A: Whilst both signal engagement with the blog content, comments offer bloggers the opportunity to directly gauge others’ opinions about what they have posted and learn from these opinions. ‘Likes’ have scientifically proven to activate the positive receptors in our brains (UCLA Brain Mapping Centre, 2016). They might temporarily lift a writer’s self-esteem but this feedback does not in itself provide a learning opportunity.

Additionally, the study highlighted possible mechanisms underlying peer influence during adolescence.  The Writing Web framework of prompts, supports students in making positive constructive comments (both praise and criticism) about one another’s writing.

The Writing Web is a safe online space, where comments can only be made by members.  As with the students’ blog posts, all comments are moderated by a trained professional from The Writing Web before they are published.

Being an active member of The Writing Web community helps to prepare students for becoming responsible, empowered users of social media.