Don’t delete my account

Hi ms isibili i just want to say i quit coming to the group but i will do writing at home   Sure thing. I had no intention of deleting your account. You are always welcome to write! Enjoy.      


Chapter 11 The Digital Room Of Time!!! After a couple weeks of training Shantel took the boys to Cami. The boys said “Hello” to Cami. Cami replied “nice” to see you again. The teens said by to there mum before she left. Now the teens went back...

Last Night’s Curry

Rub out mistakes. Burning hands to remove the stains. Keep thumbing, pressing, pushing. Screwing up your face. Through gritted teeth. Remove the evidence of last night’s sin.

That Time in the Medical Room.

I raced along the corridor with straight legs, past the Whitcourt Farm display to the toilets.  Mr Reedy had suggested an early lunch and whilst I was incredibly grateful to have been invited to back to Holbeach for the reading training, my bladder was bursting.  I...

A Conversation with My Dad

I thought I’d be going over the park after lunch, you know the climbing frame, the roundabout and just hanging about with whoever was around.  And then he asked me.  My dad asked me if I wanted to go over to the park and ride my bike.  With him! I felt so special that...