We have been exploring the words and pictures of the book Rain Before Rainbows to help children represent the changes of feelings during lockdown through metaphors linked to nature. This was the model I shared and edited with the children. The children then drew their feelings using different lines, added elements from nature to represent these. We then moved to words and concluded with poetry writing. We will be using these as inspiration for narrative writing.

All alone in the dense perpetual fog,
I waited and sat on a barky, old log.
The lifeless ground made me shiver and cry,
As I stared at the darkening and black covered sky.

“Don’t lose hope” the wind whispered as the storm
started to rumble,
Get up, keep trying, even though you might tumble.
And when the dark days might make worries creep in,
Keep journeying towards the light and you’ll find a
way to win.

Follow the path that is beautiful and bright,
Keep hope and love always in your sight.
With friends to support you and act as your guide,
You’ll feel braver, face your fears and have nothing to

As I await the pearly glow of the sun,
I smile and think that a new age has begun.
Rain before rainbows, darkness before light,
Happiness will bloom and all will be right.