Me and My Cousin

DRAFT One day I was at my uncle's house, playing with my two cousins the same age as me.  I have one younger cousin and I was playing my favourite and she was next to me. I was in this game so much I would not move from this mobile game if you will take me to Disney...


Today my mom and me we were happy we were buying many things and it was fun.

The Night

DRAFT darkest took over the only light of the night wolfs hawing in the distance. The fearlest wolfs destroing everything on there way nothing no one ever scaped.

My Awkward Day.

DRAFT   I woke up and to my surprise it was a glorious sunny day! The sun shone bright and birds chirped. I'm just kidding, I woke up and It was almost 8:30 you might think it's very early but it takes me 30 minutes to get to school! It sucks to be me...

The Isle of Wight

DRAFT THE ISLE OF WIGHT The travel to the great isle of Wight was the grates journey of my life i saw the clear blue sea at first i was so invested that it was a luxury hotel and the food was bring to you but it wasn’t it kinda looked like a flat but the lady who was...

The Wrong Train

DRAFT How i got the wrong train.On a heavy rain day after school I was making my way to the train station.I was texting my dad making sure he knows I’m fine,i spoke to him so much that when I got my eyes off the phone i realised I arrived to the train station me being...

Last Night’s Curry

Rub out mistakes. Burning hands to remove the stains. Keep thumbing, pressing, pushing. Screwing up your face. Through gritted teeth. Remove the evidence of last night's sin.

The Unruly Six

DRAFT Billy’s spear of broccoli flew between the diners, narrowly missing a harassed waitress balancing three plates along her arm. To be honest, I was amazed he had even ordered any veg. He was the only one in the family who had; his sole sensible choice that...