About Us

It is time to slow down and enter The Writing Web, where writing is collaboration.

The Writing Web is a newly developed service that works in partnership with schools to develop Year 5 – 7 students’ autonomy as writers in a safe online forum.

The Writing Web framework of prompts encourages students to slow down, consider and discuss the purpose of their writing and its potential impact on its audience.  The framework guides students to consider their vocabulary choices and the grammatical components of writing they have learnt during Key Stage 2.  This supports the students in generating appropriate content for their blog posts.

The Writing Web implies writing online and the interdependence within a writing community; the connection between author and audience.  To consider audience and purpose is to consider the intention and the intended.  The name is influenced by the way in which spiders construct orb webs.  Students craft their own ideas into coherent texts, as spiders spin their own silk threads from which to craft their webs.

What does The Writing Web offer?


    • The Writing Web is a space for students to compose writing for an audience and purpose of their choice through access to The Writing Web online site.
    • The Writing Web provides effective training for teachers to lead after school blogging sessions for students in Years 5, 6 and 7. These are informed by a simple series of prompts that have been developed through the teaching of writing to this age group and mentoring teachers over the past 20 years.
    • The Writing Web pays teachers to run blogging sessions outside of the timetabled day.
    • The Writing Web provides an online forum for teachers to develop and share a range of strategies that are directly applicable to their blogging sessions. These strategies are also applicable to raising standards in writing during their English lessons in school.
    • Trained professionals moderate every blog post and comment before publication to the website.
    • Teachers join a network of other English professionals, who work in primary and secondary schools, with the aim of developing strategies for teaching writing and digital literacy effectively.
    • The Writing Web adheres to the principles of the 5Rights Framework (5rightsframework.com), enabling students to access the digital world creatively, knowledgeably and fearlessly.
    • The Writing Web is available as a transitional (and potentially marketing) space, between primary and secondary schools; both for students and their teachers. It develops professional relationships and dialogue between schools.
The Writing Web is available from September 2017.

Contact us on in**@th***********.org to discuss a bespoke package for your school(s).