This is my last blog, I am going to miss The Writing Web. I will be adding many pictures of Frankie this time. He is doing great, but still being cheeky. He is a thief. Despite being a thief, he is cute and fluffy! I will miss blogging, when I move to secondary school.

I love dogs, I find all of them so cute, so I will tell you (what I believe) the top  cutest dog breeds. It was a hard choice because they are all so cute. If you disagree on the placement of any of the dogs or believe one should go on the list comment below.

  1. I think number 1 should be the cavalier king Charles spaniel, like Frankie they are super cute and the cutest part is their personality. Bubbly and sweet, but they adore humans because when king Charles the 2nd started breeding them they were lap warmers, meaning in the carriages thy would sleep on royalty’s lap to keep them warm

cavalier king Charles spaniels


  1. Number two needs to be a dachshund, I love them, they are commonly known as sausage dogs. I mean, what’s not to like about them, nothing. They are so cute, how they look, how they walk, everything! They have a playful spirit. They are more commonly known as a wiener-dog, or sausage dog.


  1. I think the dog that deserves 3rd place are the cockapoo, I love them! They are just so fluffy and curly haired. They have they are personality of a clown and are quite small. They are easy to train as well.



  1. A peekapoo, I am giving this dog number four not just because of its hilarious and cute name, but because it is cute itself!  A peekapoo is a companion dog and will sit with you for ages. They are bred from Pekinese to toy or miniature poodles.



  1. Part Yorkshire terrier, part toy/miniature poodle, a yorkipoo gets fifth place out of thousands of dog breeds, I can’t not love them! They are fine with small apartments and are known as a designer dog.

Yorkipoo in the snow


Like I said before, if you didn’t agree on any, just comment below, like I said, this is my last blog, but doesn’t stop you from continuing on my reign as the Puppy Monarch. I recommend just writing what you what you want about dogs and if you have one, your own dog.

Also, top tip, when I blog I listen to dog anti-anxiety music, I know it sounds weird, but it is actually very calming and gives me pawsome ideas for dogs, I will put the link below. Also your dog might like dog television, you won’t, but your dog might. Thank you for reading my blogs! I hope you have enjoyed them.