I love animals, but I mostly like animals that can be your pet. I had a pet fish when I was young but unforchenetly one morning I saw it on its back dead. But now I have a new pet and it is a cat. Her name is ruby and she is about 6 moths old now. when my mum first got her I was terrifies because I always hated dogs they were one of my biggest fliers I remember I went to the park with my mum and brother and my dog ran to me and bite my hand twice I was so scared but my mum told me to not be scared and Conker my fliers and I did the next day I did I was stroking her and she came of her leash and was running round my house at top speed and I wasn’t scared well I was a little but after a wile I wasn’t and I was just relaxing on my soother and was watching Netflix. Coco right now is at my aunts house because my mum needed a little brack but she is coming back soon