Good afternoon new bloggers!

Welcome to The Writing Web, where we are eagerly anticipating your first blog posts.  We are here to read and enjoy your writing, as well as check you are keeping yourself safe online.  You can post at any time during the week and The Writing Write Web will read your blog posts and comments before responding within 24 hours.  Whilst many professional writers write in the early hours of the morning, your bodies are growing and you need a good night’s sleep every night.  Therefore, don’t expect any feedback between 9pm and 7am!

You are really lucky to be part of such an amazing writing group where your teacher is also a writer.  It is really important to have people you trust to help you develop your ideas and create the best pieces of writing you are capable of; perhaps even better than you thought you were capable of!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write them in the comments box below.

Happy blogging.