Entety1. Herobrine

If you don’t know who Herobrine is he is one of the scariest entities you can find him at 3 am the best seed to find him on is 666 which is also the devils number


Entety2. Herobrine Ghost

Herobrine Ghost was spotted by a youtuber called big b stats who got the seed from his friends the ghost can fly and attacks like a zombie it is a bit like a vex and very scary


Entety3. Green Steve

Green Steve was added by a developer who wanted to ad this steve but they sed no later they found him adding it on he was fired but they could not get the mob of people think he also added herobrine and all the other entity’s.


Entety4. Enderbrine


Enderbrine is a fusion of Herobrine and an Enderman he has the same powers as Herobrine but also Enderman powers he is very scary and strong


Entety5. Red Sun


The Red Sun is a sun with face it shoots lava and fire and is most likely to kill you in an instant you don’t want to make it angry or you will be in trouble