Well, my last blog was for movie lovers, but this one is for bookworms, I am definitely a bookworm, here are my top reads about dogs, I hope it keeps you busy:


  1. The dog who saved the world, by Ross Welford. Possibly one of the best books I’ve ever read, It’s about this girl named Georgie and her dog, Mr Mash. But one day a disease called Canine Borne Ebola spreads through the dogs, its deadly and is killing dogs by the day. It can even be caught by humans. So Georgie and her friend Ramzy must go on a journey to save all of man- and more importantly dog-kind, without even leaving the room.

The dog who saved the world book trailer


  1. How to look for a lost dog, Ann M. Martin, by the same author of the bestselling series, the babysitters club. It is about a girl, Rose, who is autistic and always must follow the rules. But one night there is a horrible hurricane and her dad lets her out, her name is Rain, and she goes missing and they must go on a journey to find her, but will she might just leave them forever…

How to look for a lost dog book trailer


  1. Well, the is a great book with a sequel, 101 Dalmatians by Dodie Smith, the sequel is called Starlight Barking, you will enjoy it, it is about a fashion designer and a video game designer who fall in love and so do their dalmation and they get puppies, quite a few, but the Cruella Da Vil wants to chase them down, will she get them, read the book.

101 dalmations book trailer