Words don’t hold their meaning forever.

And wouldn’t it be odd if ‘please’ and ‘cheese’ just swapped places one day.

‘Please’ would mean ‘cheese’ – creamy and delicious.

And ‘cheese’ would mean ‘please’ – polite and well-mannered.

If that were so, I’d be very cheesed to meet you.

And I’d invite you to over to mine, for I have made a lovely pleasecake which I think you might rather like.

We might take a photo – say “pleeeeease!”

And when you went you your friends’ houses, your mum would remind you to mind your cheese and thankyous (must remember your manners) .

You’d have cheddar please (yum!)

and blue please (ewww).

Mozzarella and parmesan please (fancy!)

You’d have mild and mature pleases.

And I’d ask you, cheese, not to eat the last bit of please in the fridge – I’m saving it for my lunch.

And at night I might ask mum cheese, cheese, cheese if I could have please on toast.

(Cheese , mum, cheese! Please on toast is my fave)