On December 26, 2068, there was a breach in the International Protection Service (I.P.S.). The breach’s name was The White Blur the I.P.S. were not sure what or who it was. But the one thing was that if you looked at him, he would come and kill you.

So, don’t look at him.

It was December 26, 2068, and two friends called George and Tony, who lived together in George’s house, were searching for new carpets on carpet.co.uk.  An advert popped up on Tony’s screen, saying: You Have Won £900,000! Tony clicked on it and arrived at a sketchy website. An image loaded and the horrifying sight of The White Blur came up, so he quickly slammed the lid on his computer shut. George silently questioned if Tony was all right.

The next day on the news it said, “Board your doors and windows because there has been a breach and that is as much as I can tell you…”  The sound of someone screaming interrupted the broadcast and then stopped, as suddenly as it has started. The White Blur ran across the screen and then the TV cut out. Tony and George huddled together, before deciding to run upstairs. They hid under the bed and slept there till the morning.

As they woke, they had forgotten what had happened yesterday but not for long. They heard a muffled screaming coming from downstairs. Then their dog [a one-and-a-half-year-old Irish doodle named Ruby, a ball of silky red fluff with a white tuft on her chin] came sprinting up the stairs and jumped over her tug of war toy. She rushed into the bedroom and curled up in George’s lap under their bed. They heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. They saw two white feet with what looked like blood on them … All of a sudden, they felt waves of fear rolling over them. George whispered, “We need to get the Hell out of here.” The two white feat had disappeared, from what they could see. They thought it might be safe but they were wrong! They heard screaming from the bathroom. They picked Ruby up and raced down the stairs, The White Blur chasing them. George snatched the car keys off the cabinet. The two friends, followed more slowly by Ruby, bounded into George’s Lamborghini and George sat there in a daze for a moment, thinking: “What the Hell just happened?” His friend was also in shock as they sped over to Tony’s mum’s house. When they arrived, they knew it would be safe to be there. They agreed, “We can finally get some proper sleep!”

In the morning, they woke up at 6:30am to the sound of Ruby barking. They thought it could be The White Blur, so they tiptoed downstairs, where they realised Ruby was barking at a squirrel! They dragged themselves tiredly back up the stairs and into Tony’s room. Five seconds later they heard the downstairs window smash!

“Not again,” Tony sighed.

George signalled, “Shh.”


When they tiptoed downstairs again, they looked around the corner and there he was: The White Blur! George beckoned Ruby over and they tiptoed back upstairs, grabbed their camping set, and ran to the Bugatti Chiron off-roader. They drove rapidly towards the forest. When approaching their destination, they saw a tent on the horizon. A minute or two later, two people emerged and introduced themselves. They were called Simon and Jeff. Simon told George and Tony about what had happened to them and why they were in the forest. This was their story …

On December 25, 2068, two friends called Simon and Jeff lived together. They went to by some new furniture at IKEA. Once they were in the store, it became dark very quickly and there was an announcement on the speakers: “The store will be closing shortly so please go to the checkouts.”

The next day, they left for a camping trip. Once they’d left the radio announcer said, “Stay at home. Do not leave your home and stay out of the forest. Simon and Jeff missed the warning. They had built a fire, pitched their tent and were preparing their dinner. It was a chicken stew. They had finished eating the food and were going to sleep when all of sudden sirens were sounding in the distance. Then they heard screaming and guns being fired. Their eyes were wide open as they climbed into their sleeping bags. Simon and Jeff heard a car pull up behind them. That is when they met George and Tony.

After sharing their dinner, they drove around in the Bugatti Chiron off roader and stumbled upon an I.P.S. base. When they drove in, they saw a shady figure in the distance. It started moving closer and closer. They turned off the engine and listened. They heard it say, “Health is sickness.” They typed: “Health is sickness” into the search engine and the results revealed that they were the words of NHP-074 [Death Doctor]!

The figure crept closer and closer. They tried desperately to turn the engine on but it did not work. They tried again and again and just as the Plague Doctor was about to reach in, the car relented and finally started.  They turned around and drove back to the campsite. That night, Tony said to George, “We’re not safe here.”

The next morning, they were woken by Simon screaming. George ran out to see what had happened and saw Simon was being chased by an Eye Pod (If you don’t know already, Eye Pods are orange or yellow with one eye, little legs and pointy heads.).  Tony was about to go and thwack the Eye Pod on the head, when George said, “Wait! No! on my phone it says Eye Pods are harmless. Don’t hit him he could be useful later.”

That night Tony asked George, “How many NHPs are there?”

“Don’t worry about the Death Doctors,” responded George, “We are all going to stay at my trillionaire house in space but we need to go to my local house tomorrow first.” The next morning, the four guys travelled to George’s local house. He pressed the button which activated the rocket to his trillionaire space house and so, they left Earth. When they arrived at George’s house in space, they climbed out of the rocket and sat on a sofa, ate some pizza, and chilled out.

They left the Eye Pods at home the next day and hopped into the Citroën GT Super Sport Rocket Car edition to go to the shops to stock up on food. When they got there, they grabbed as much food as they could carry, before returning to their Citroën GT Super Sport Rocket Car and flying home. They carried out some research and discovered that The White Blur did not breathe oxygen and could walk on water. They also learned that The White Blur is very strong.

George remembered that an American government representative was due to visit his house the next day. Of course, they all worried that The White Blur was going to infiltrate NASA and climb on to the rocket that the government was chartering. They tried calling the appropriate government department, and NASA directly, but it did not work. The satellite had been turned off, so they went to investigate and turn it back on. However, when they got there the door was smashed open. The lights were flickering and smoke poured out of the boilers.

A shady figure crawled slowly towards them under the metal mesh floor.

They made out the shape of The White Blur.







The four of them ran as fast as they could and hid upstairs. Nothing happened. The White Blur did not follow them up the stairs. They looked around the corner and saw the Eye Pods staring at The White Blur, he did not move at all. Then The White Blur spotted Simon and ran at him, grabbing him and dragging him back into the boiler room. At first, he was screaming before pleading cries for help. Blood splatters flew through the sky. Jeff was screaming in fear. They knew at this point that they had done something to anger him but they had no idea what it could be. They shortly found out why The White Blur was chasing them.


Tony revealed, “Umm …  this is not the best time but … umm … I may have looked at a picture of The White Blur …” An awkward silence descended; mouths dropped open. Shocked as George was, he declared, “This does not prove anything!” They heard a thud on the roof.

Simon said, “What the Hell? Run! That is Death Head running to the rocket. They ran down the hall and into the Space Docking Bay. Tony looked through the glass window, asking, “Umm where is it? Ohhh Nooo! It’s on fire and split in half; we’re doomed!” As they sprinted down the ramp to see what had happened to the rocket, they noticed that the air lock was open.


“We need to get astronaut suits on, so we don’t die from the lack of oxygen,” said George. The surprise behind the door was wearing a heavy, grey, blood-splattered suit with one leg missing. Half of the pale grey skin on his face had been blown off, exposing his bones. He shouted, “Jeff!” in a dry out of breath voice.

Jeff nervously replied, “Simon?”

Simon confirmed that it was indeed him, “I need to see a doctor I’m dying.”

“Take him to the Robot Doctor,” George told Jeff, panicking, “The robot will take the venom out.”

“No, I can’t make it! I am dying just leave me! “Jeff shrieked in agony.

“No, you can’t just die now.  We were so close,” Simon whispered.

Jeff was defeated and gasped, “Cancel the plan. It’s pointless. We aren’t going to be able to rob them. They are too advanced.”


George was shocked. “I thought you were kind. You pretended to be our friend how could you do that to us?!”

Tony was equally as shocked by this turn of events. At that moment, everything went quiet. Scratching sounds rumbled through the walls and Tony asked, “What was that?”

“Who do you think that was? The I.P.S.? I highly doubt they could make it into space, they don’t even have any rockets, let alone a spaceship.  A few moments later, they peered out of the window and two Light Speed Crossers flew past. George said, “Oh my God, I’ve not seen a Light Speed Crosser in ages.”

Tony screeched, “We’re saved!” Then, all of a sudden, a vigorous banging on the door started. George thought that it was The White Blur. Tony was certain that it was the I.P.S. and slowly walked to the door to open the hatch to find out the identity of their visitor.


As Tony got closer and peered through the bulletproof glass, rapid gun fire started.  To his surprise, the I.P.S. were right there. He started to open the door and they pushed back, shouting, “Keep the door closed otherwise he’ll come in. He’s running after you.”


Tony shouted, “Run!” as they both climbed into the Emergency Escape Pod to fly back to the Light Speed Crosser. As George climbed into the cockpit, Tony slammed the door closed and launched them towards the I.P.S. Light Speed Crosser. They exited the rocket and walked around to the front, where two I.P.S. security guards asked them for ID.

George replied, “We do not have ID but we were from the house that you are docked to.”  The security guards let them through into the meeting room. As they walked in, they were told to sit down on chairs, where they chatted for a while and then they had a call to confirm he was dead. The mighty The White Blur was gone. There were no details, but everyone was cheering.


A couple of years have passed, and there are rumours that in the streets of your planet a shady figure lurks amongst the shadows between the streetlights. Could it be The White Blur? Nobody knows.