A poem written during the covid 19 lockdown when I was unable to visit my elderly, vulnerable parents and my childhood home. Imagining the day that I would be able to make that journey and shout ‘Rwy’n Gartfef!’ (I’m Home!) as I walked through the front door. Taking time to remember and celebrate memories from my childhood. 

At the beach, I am free:
I throw off my shoes,
feel the sun dappled sand between my toes.
Stand and breathe deeply.
Listen to the waves crashing against the cliffs.

Shells tossed by the tide,
scattered treasures of years gone by
lead me to the water’s edge.
I close my eyes, inhale deeply:
savour those memories.

I rejoice at the salty smell of the ocean spray:
dancing, swirling, sloshing around my legs.
The wind tugs my hair from its band
to dance wildly as in youth.

I can hear children laughing,
splashing in the shallows,
sending water over the shivering shilly-shalliers.
Calling to one another,
then screeching as they
plunge through the waves
and dive into the cold sea.

Memories wrap around me like an old blanket.
Rwy’n gartref. I am home.