[Chapter 1] PROLOGUE

The maintenance team entered the decontamination chamber. When they entered they saw three men standing in front of them.
“What are you doing here?” one of the team asked tentatively
“We’re here to check up on your hazmat suits,” said one of the men, “Just in case, wouldn’t want any radiation around the ship! Ha Ha!” And so they checked their suits. But while no one was looking one of them used a tiny knife to cut one of the pipes for a maintenance man’s oxygen tank! Later, in the control room of the incredible star cruiser, Moonstar, a screen flashed bright orange “WARNING! Warp core defection! It is advised that another maintenance team is deployed to avoid further flaws and possibly a significant core meltdown!” The safety attendant, Mark Roffe, pressed a button. It sent an alert to available teams to tell them to go and fix the core.

Later, the backup team crept into the main reactor room, wondering why the first team hadn’t completed their mission. They had five minutes to stabilise the core before the malfunction became irreversible. But when they entered the room they were met with three loathsome monsters! This, they were not prepared for.
One of the team ran back towards the decontamination chamber, but was set upon by one of the mutants! His hazmat suit was torn to strips. Another dashed as fast as possible to the alarm but, again, was attacked by one of the monsters and was given a multitude of slashes and bruises from the mutant’s massive scythe hand, its unblinking red eyes full of hatred and evil, its translucent body permitting a full, clear view of its deformed spine and ribcage. The third member of the team saw the beasts and didn’t know what to do, and eventually fainted on the spot. Time ticked on. And, as five minutes passed by, business went as usual on the ship, the businessmen and investors talked about the ever-growing bank accounts, and visitors gazed out at the deep vastness of space, all while the monsters guarded the main reactor, unhesitant to deter any attempt to fix the core and save the entire ship.

As the reader, I guess you want to know what happened to the first maintenance team, where the monsters came from and why the core broke down!
Lucky for you, that is EXACTLY what we are going to explore in this paragraph!
The strange men were saboteurs, more specifically, part of a group of people from the SCP Facilities who have gone rogue, or “defected” for any reason. Whether it be that they have suffered brain damage from battle, (or in some cases: closing doors) or gone mad from viewing brain hazard SCPs, it makes them angry at the Foundation and they release SCPs, cause personnel loss disasters, I could make a long list of things here. In short, they destroy the Foundation, hence their name, The Chaos Insurgency (CI).
The monsters, in the first maintenance team! The cut the CI put in the oxygen tank left the worker vulnerable to an overdose of Axic radiation, a special kind of radiation that evolves any living thing it affects into the most hostile creature it can-and it does this at alarming speeds. The CI had broken the core so that an overdose of Axic radiation would leak out onto the ship! Now back to the [Redacted] document.


He was going as fast as he could. But still, they were gaining on him. He swerved, barely missing a drunk who was staggering across to yet another pub. The red flash of his vehicle startled a lorry driver, who consequently crashed, the contents of the trailer crashing out to the ground. He risked a glance behind him. He saw the figures turn the corner, speeding after him, the slowest using the crashed lorry as a ramp to gain ground. “Echo-7, this is Specter-13, gonna need some sniper support!” He said into his earpiece. ”Gotcha, Specter-13, locking on now…” Was the reply. A moment later, a silenced bullet whipped through the air at a terrific speed, burying itself in an insurgent’s hoverbike. They struggled to keep steady, and eventually tumbled onto the ground, the bike slamming into the ground, leaving behind a flaming skeleton of itself crashing into the floor, sending crowds running for cover.

He swerved around another corner and heard a hoverbike crash into a parked car. Risking another backwards glance, he saw his last pursuers, one holding a plasma-powered SMG above their head, another precariously taking aim with some kind of jewel-embroidered tactical pistol. He also saw a matte-black helicopter slowly gaining on him, a rope with a small, triangular handle lowering down.
He knew it was dangerous, he knew it could be suicide. But luck was on his side.
He straightened himself, his legs steadying the hoverbike, raised his hands up in anticipation, and jumped.
He grabbed the handle with all his strength as the rope was pulled up by a motor and, when he finally made it to the top, he saw an open door, and hopped inside.

“That was quite a move, Sam, I knew there was no other way, but… Wow!” said Leo.
“Me too,” said Sam, “The rope was a good idea of yours.”

“Did you see Joe’s superb sharpshooting down there?” said Leo

“Yeah, I did!” said Sam, eating out of a packet of Jam-Cream biscuits that they always kept in their trio’s helicopter. In the distance, they heard Police sirens. But much closer they heard different sirens, deeper, and shakier. SCP Foundation sirens.

They looked down over the edge of the roof were sitting on, they saw a young woman get out of one of the three vans positioned around the two Chaos Insurgency operatives and their hoverbikes’ remains. She and some guards ushered the insurgents into the vans, their hands on their heads. “Well, that’s that for the day!” said Sam, slinging a bright white backpack over his shoulder and jumping into the helicopter with no grace whatsoever and strapping himself in sheepishly. Leo got up stretching and yawning. Joe looked over the edge, just in time to see the vans reverse and drive away, hearing police sirens. Soon they would interrogate people believing the truth was just the rambling of some drunk.

In under an hour, Sam was beside his bed, spraying temporary desensitization spray in his mouth (made to put minds at ease to make sleep easier for SCP Foundation workers) and climbing into his bed.


[CHAPTER 3] Moonstar

Sam woke up to orange light beaming through the window. At first, he thought it was very early and the sun was rising. He looked at his digital clock. It said it was one-thirty, less than an hour since he went to bed! He looked out the window. The star cruiser from Skydive Industries, Moonstar, was now giving off blinding light! “Joe! Leo! Come in!” He called

“What is it?!” Said Joe, bursting through the sliding door with Leo. Sam barely had time to utter the word “Moonstar” before the spaceship that had been moving sluggishly across the sky, exploded into a million pieces and it looked like broad daylight.



[Chapter 4] Axic Evolutions

A few days after the explosion.

“Sir!” said the woman, running towards her boss, Stuart Dale, “We triangulated the location of the incoming part of Moonstar!” He looked at the image on the paper. There was a red triangle around a point in the Sahara desert. “I need a perimeter around the area as soon as it makes landfall! We need to ease the world into this new predicament, The shock of Skydive Industries’ failures is already bad enough.”

And so, the Saint Christine Pegasus docked at an African port-town that had been evacuated for “military weapons testing.” The ship was greeted by some landing aircraft. Everybody piled into Ford Landroll X34s and took a long road trip to the middle of nowhere. Sam, Joe and Leo felt great nostalgia at being in another Landroll. Soon, everyone could a huge crashing sound from up ahead as the remainder of Moonstar continued to combust, flashing light over the dusk sky. Suddenly, one of the two Satnav screens showed the woman from before. “We’re getting a transmission, Commander!” “Yeah, yeah, from where?” Said Commander Stal.                “Moonstar,” she said, the colour draining from her face.                 “Join the channel, now!”

There was a man with dark brown hair that spiked forward – he had obviously used DNA mutations to do this – and he was breathing heavily through a gas mask that covered his mouth and nose only, and had two air filters. The image was grainy from the radiation. He was sweating from the fire that surrounded him. “Hello?! I-I can see you… all.” A loud banging, scraping and screeching came from a door on the other side of the room. “I am the last survivor on this fragment, I’ve locked myself in the emergency power room! The reactors went down, and they gave off an energy called Axic Radiation, which is now hurtling towards Earth! Anything that ingests it or breaths it is transformed into something horrifying depending on doses. Whatever you do, keep away!” He warned, then, a computer relayed an automated message, “Warning, breaking atmosphere! Stabilisers: not operational, Life support: offline. CRASH IMMINENT, controlled descent and ocean landing recommended! Current trajectory unsound! Skydive Industries sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this crash may have caused and is not held accountable for any injuries this may cause. Goodbye! Impact: 10, 9, 8, SEV-” It turned out the computer was a little inaccurate because, at that moment, the mass of metal and fire hit the dunes, skidded and rolled a little, throwing sand hundreds of metres into the air. The transmission screen showed a scene of the walls crashing down on the emergency reactors inside. Something exploded. The last image transmitted was a gas mask, lying on the ground, surrounded by a burning wreckage before it turned to static.

The Landrolls drove around the crashed spaceship, encompassing it like a snake. Then they stopped. And they waited. Then the first beasts began to scramble over mounds of sand that had been formed. First, there was a terrible being that seemed to induce more sorrow than fear and seemed to be finding it difficult to breathe. It had a slimy body and a stubby, bony tail. It was quickly gunned down with just one sniper shot. Then soon, the waves of brutes came storming out and the sky lit up as 15,652 Laser assault rifles, 1990 rocket launchers, 209 vehicle-mounted heavy plasma launchers, 395 snipers and 132 heavy plasma blasters opened fire. Then, the plan went awry. Something tunnelled under a vehicle and jolted upwards, utterly destroying it. Everybody packed back into their cars for safety, allowing the creatures to move freely. Sam, Joe, and Leo were being chased down by a thing with two wings that were sharp and bony and could not particularly fly so much as slash, and four legs.

Leo, who was turning out to be the team’s driver was pushing the engine to its limits with Joe bumping up and down out of a hatch on the roof and Sam was leaning out the sliding door on the side shooting at its general direction. “Some headshots on that thing would be nice!” Leo yelled up to Joe.                                                              “I can’t! You’re throwing up too much sand!” argued Joe.                        “Well, do you want me to slow down?!” he replied.                                  “Wait!” said Sam, “That’s it! Leo, reverse! Now!”                                       “If you die it is your funeral.” Obeyed Leo, reluctantly. He slammed it into reverse. Sam clung onto the metal railing, Joe hid under the top hatch of the car and Leo held on so tightly it left marks on the steering wheel. It was slow reversing, especially because they had lots of momentum. The creature who, of course, had not seen it coming, tripped over the car and tried to slow its fall by flapping its bony wings. Alas, it was too heavy and crashed to the sandy ground. But it was not dead. It slowly raised its head with a low growl, reared up on the back legs, and was just about to crush the puny vehicle, holding its claws and wings up but – KZOW! ZOW! ZOW! Sam’s laser gun made three holes in the thing’s body and it fell, lifeless.

[CHAPTER 5] Shipwreck

Sam, Joe and Leo sat around like lemons in their home. They were annoyed. The Foundation had put them in a situation much more dangerous than expected and five people died with over 70 people in the medical bay. All this, and no raise so far. Sam was in the “Recreational Room” playing on a VR apparatus, Joe was reading a book and Leo was sitting on a pool float in the pool out the back.

Suddenly, an alarm blared out of the speakers! Sam was startled, as the screen in the headset had gone black, except for the SCP logo as part of the alarm sequence. Joe fell off the sofa onto his side and Leo jumped, causing him to topple into the water. They hurried to the back of the house, where the Command Center was. It connected a room with the security camera screens for the house, the armoury and the training lobby. “Hurry, get your uniform on!” Said Sam,    “I’m still drying off!” Yelled Leo, from the other cubicle.

Later, the trio were looking at the info screen, which told them where, why and what they were needed for. The details came onto the screen. The logo for biological health hazards appeared, meaning they needed hazmat gear. An automated voice told them that a full briefing was to be given on the way there. They clipped gas masks onto their mouths and put their radiation suits on then they hopped into the monorail that connected their home, two or three isolated facilities, and the main facility.”

You are teaming up with Charlie-62, Delta-140 and Foxtrot-5 on an expedition into the heart of Moonstar fragment No. 1 to uncover clues on what Axic radiation is, how it works and if it can be cured.” Said the briefing computer on the helicopter. Everyone had their codename printed onto their shoulder pads and this is how the computer referred to them. “Foxtrot-5, you will be leading this expedition.”                       Foxtrot-5 groaned. He clearly disliked this pressure.