Today’s 15 minute Writing Challenge came from Martha at The John Roan Creative Writing Club. She asked us to write a story, where the final word of the sentence is repeated as the first word of the next sentence.

She also gave us some additional rules, such as: a maximum of two conjunctions per sentence.

It is magic to see the way the online club is developing and how comfortable everyone feels sharing their writing. There were some seriously creepy stories this week. Here is my (non-creepy) attempt.

The raindrops, fat with promise as they pit themselves against one another in the race.

Racing down the slick windowpane heading for the unknown.

Unknown destination but it appears one drop has made a break for it.

It rolls past its competitors squealing boastful delight.

Delight soon turns to dismay.

Dismayed notions of pooling with those losers in the water butt.

But what’s happening here?

Here becomes there, as the windowpane flies suddenly upward.

Upwards and everywhere the raindrops scatter.

Scattered dreams streaking the sky.