I woke up in the middle of the night and I noticed the room was dark. It was dark like the forest like in winter.   There was a mini lamp  always on in my room. My brother was in the bed with me. I  kept   shaking his body he pushed me and rolled  over. I felt scared of the dark. I thought I was gonna die.

My brother wasn’t waking up so I kept pushing his body but he still didnt  wake up .

I noticed something  on the floor I have a cup holder on the back end of my bed it was a cup of water I drank before going bed It must of fallen but it must have woken me up.

I was scared to go to sleep because I thought it was going pull my leg when I was falling asleep. I love  to watch scary movies everyday! but the problem is I feel like im in a movie luckily my bother was in front so it had to take my brother and I have enough time to run and hide from the girl demon

I was looking around the room and I saw a girl demon. I couldn’t sleep it had long black hair extremely tall it was staring at me the girl had pitch black skin her hair was covering her face. she was facing me and I believe she was looking at me    She started creeping slowly toward me .  I was scared for my life I was in my mind it was like one million poisonous snake looking at me  I was just staring at her. There was a little bit of light she moved but I couldn’t see her face I think it was 3am on the dot cause that is the  Devil  Hour . It  weird for me to wake up in the middle of the night I was bored staring at her I looked away at her and look back after. she came closer then I had to pinch my brother. He pushed my hand away then he carried on snoring so I had to pinch him on his bum.  multiple time  for him to wake up he woke pushing the blanket sleepy and annoyed. I thought he was gonna hit me but he didn’t    and said Ok stop pinching my bum!”.  and he turned quickly and turned on the light. it took long for me to go to sleep and eventually  I went to sleep.