A year ago, one night I woke up and heard noises. It sounded like someone was breaking into my house. I heard my dog Crunchy barking. I then I thought I saw someone walk through my room. They looked like a shadowy ghostly figure. I fell asleep but I had a bad dream that someone broke into my house and took me. They were wearing a mask it was covered in blood. I saw them and I got very scared but then when I tried to hide it was too late. He had broken in already.

He climbed over the fence into my garden and climbed on this roof thing that overhangs my decking. He got in through my little sisters rooms window and went out of her room and opened my door. I was terrified. He picked me up and took me. We went to a big forest in the middle of nowhere and he took me in a abandoned shack. He placed me on a wooden table and picked up an axe. Then he chopped my head off with the axe. I woke up and still thought I saw someone outside my window.

I got scared again I fell back asleep and had another bad dream. It was like I went to a funfair slash park with my dad and sister. When it was about to turn dark my dad stayed behind and got a drink. Me and my sister we went through a maze but then when we were going to back we could not find our way back. I got scared again, and I woke back up but then I realised that it was almost morning. So I waited for morning.

The next night you won’t believe what happened, it happened again! I heard the same noises but this time I heard another noise. It was like a hhhhhhhhhh but it was getting better that night. Luckily, I fell back asleep and woke up in the morning. But that next night it was back for good, and it stayed for weeks and weeks. The dreams. The noises. It was like a HORROR MOVIE.

Finally, one month later suddenly it stopped just like it had started. I felt so free from it was amazing that first night I slept all night long.