My YouTube Channel!

Hi it’s me the one and only RandomMasterBlogger here again with a new blog. I have been keeping a secret…I have a YouTube channel! You probably are very desperate to know about it ,but that’s why I am making this blog.

My YouTube channel is called Luke GoPow. I will usually make videos about gaming and the games I will be recording the most are: Roblox, Minecraft, FIFA 19, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Brawl stars and some other games…

I will also be doing challenges but those type of videos will come rarely. I haven’t started very long ago so I need you guys to do me a favour and read this blog and go to my channel and please thumbs up my videos and subscribe. It will mean a lot to me.

Please also subscribe to OKCrafter27 and Tammer PlayzGamesHD because they are my friends and are new YouTubers as well.

Hope you enjoyed this blog about my YouTube and remember most importantly subscribe and like to me!