I had just moved to the country from Bulgaria and I was very nervous about school. I didn’t know any English and I had no friends there, when a member of staff from the office took me to my class. She took me to my new teacher, Mr G and introduced me but not knowing any English, I just stood there and stared at the ground. It was so awkward I just sat down and lay on the table, because I was too embarrassed to look up.  One of the teaching assistants gave me a book and we started Maths.

When I was back in Bulgaria, I left before finishing Year 2 and they did multiplication and adding numbers in the hundreds. I couldn’t do any of it so I just sat there pretending to do something by wiggling my hand with the pencil in it and looking at the book. When it was time for assembly, I went to the toilet but when I came back everyone was gone.  I searched the whole school but they ended up being in the bottom hall!

The rest of the day was pretty much the same but a few days after this, I started to learn English by listening to people speak.  I started making friends.