As you may or may not know, Mr Dinner is not your usual purple bear, and therefore you may not be surprised to find out that he regularly brought a lottery ticket…
One day his numbers were called up. Mr Dinner was now a millionaire with a million pounds to his name.
Now as you may know Mr Dinner has a slight (some people might call it major) hatred towards seagulls. Mr Dinner decided to put his money to good use but first he needed to do some research…
After much deliberation Mr Dinner had made a decision. He would buy Albabra Island, which was an island in the Seychelles. Apart from the giant tortoises and land crabs the island was uninhabited, which meant no people, and more importantly to Mr Dinner, there were no seagulls.
It took all his bargaining skills (or using his patented menacing gaze) to get the price he wanted for the island, and for building his dream house. After all, a million pounds is a lot of money, but it is still not enough to buy an island.
Several weeks after the deal has been closed and the house built, Mr Dinner was ready to depart.
It was a long journey to Aldabra, but the first-class transportation made it easier for Mr Dinner.
As soon as he arrived on Aldabra Mr Dinner headed for his dream house, a two-story mansion complete with beautiful views of the warm, sandy beaches, a well-stocked games room and a centrally heated swimming pool.
Mr Dinner sat in a lounger on his new patio, a glass of his favourite drink in his paw, and he looked out over at the endless beach and the glistening sea in front of him. He’d never felt so relaxed.
But then out of the corner of his eye he saw something white and pointy land on his patio.
Mr Dinner slowly turned his head, not wanting his suspicions to be confirmed, and to his horror there sat…
Salty the Seagull. Staring at him with his same unblinking beady eyes.
“Noooo!” Mr Dinner shouted. His voice filled with fury. He took a flying leap at the seagull, but Salty was too quick. He soared up into the palms that surrounded the house. Once perched safely on high, he looked down at Mr Dinner, but now his unblinking eyes had a hint of smugness about them.
In anger, Mr Dinner ran into the house throwing can after can at the smug seagull, but he would not be budged.
With a sigh Mr Dinner sank down into his lounger in defeat, but he knew that at least this time he would not get arrested.
You may think that this tale proves that money cannot buy happiness, or an escape from seagulls, but as I’m sure you know Mr Dinner will not be defeated for long…