One day I was at my uncle’s house, playing with my two cousins the same age as me.  I have one younger cousin and I was playing my favourite game and she was next to me. I was into the game so much I would not move from this mobile game if you said you were taking me to Disneyland. It was a racing game.  My heart was racing, I was in front of my opponent and he dashed past me. My lips got dry like a desert. My heart was racing faster then my car. I got super close to the person, then he or she sped up. He got to the finish line first, I got so mad I threw my phone on the bed.

My younger cousin was annoying me making a big deal of losing. So, I touched her face to tell her to be quiet and its not a big deal. She went to tell me off!  A blast of energy shot through my body. My hair was standing on its ends. I heard her telling her parents. They said its not a big deal.

It was the biggest relief of my life.