I like building Lego with my friends. My mom and my family. I like playing Lego with Lego NINJAGO. it is really fun to build and it is funny. I like getting Lego NINJAGO it is the best LEGO sets . My favorite character is Lloyd because he is so cool. I built a Lego NINJAGO set THAT was big. I built it by myself and there where 980 peace’s. It was so fun to build it after. I put the Lego set on my shelf it was so big. I like playing with different Lego I like playing with Lego Marvel to. I got 20 Lego packets and it was the beast character.

It is a mystery to see who you get I got some cool people but I did not NO what THERE names where they where new people. I like big sets and small sets the moistest sets I’ve had is 50 Lego sets. its so big to some times small I like building allot it is really fun. the thing I like doing is making Lego city’s to Image a city with my uncle we made it from LEGO star wars also I made the star destroyer it was so THUN WE MADE LEGO sand we made the Lego people walk on the sand. we made big houses what look like mansion it was so big every one he could go in it . the character I like the most was Luke sky walker also he had hi
lightsaber if you got TOUCH by it it could kill the person. It killed the people 200 times.it was the most. I like playing with Lego star wars KYLO REN is the strongest in battlefront 2 he’s has strength he shoots out lasers out his eyes it kills people it melts them he fly it was amazing i never had that much fun in my life it was really fun . But