This comes from something my daughter said to me as we were walking along.
I said to her we’d turn it into a poem.

I Am A Plant

Tell your mum, or dad, or auntie or uncle,
“Look! I’m a plant!”

You’ll grab their attention for sure.
‘Cos adults, they like plants.
Plants are sciencey.
And adults like it when kids are sciencey and pay attention to plants.

So then you say:
“These are my roots…”
pointing at your feet.

They start to get the picture,
they get what you are doing:
using your body as a model of a plant.
Now look at their face.
Notice how they start to smile.

So then you say:
“…and this is my stem…”
pointing up and down at your legs and torso.
Now you are using
sciencey “technical language” so
Look at their faces,
Notice the delight in their eyes.

So then you say:
“…and these are my leaves… ”
pointing at your hair
and wibbling your fingers around.
You could go the full hog
tell them what leaves are for,
use the word ‘photosynthesis’ for maximum effect.
Now look at their face,
notice the radiant pride.

So then you say:
“… and these are my fruits.”
leave a little dramatic pause,
let it hang a bit,
then slowly
in your nose
and runawayasfastasyoucan