Have you ever wanted to know what your ancestors looked like or what the first living creature looked like? The truth is there have been some incredible creatures that have roamed our planet and some were pretty grim and if they were still alive we wouldn’t be here but I’m not going to try tell the whole story of life on earth because it would take ages and ages to actually tell the whole thing ( I will do it in another blog) , I will only focus on our story.

You’re a Homo Sapien which is basically the scientific name for a Human Being ( Its also Latin for Wise Man).Our story starts around 3.8 billions years ago at the bottom of the ocean a city of underwater cities have formed making chemical reactions to do something extraordinary. Some how the chemical reactions have created primitive bacteria which will evolve into every living thing we see today, trees, birds , mammals and even us! I will continue this blog parts in 2 parts watch out for Evolution part 2 and 3! Please leave a comment below of what you think of this blog…