On family hoidays every thing seems to be perfect and all but that never happens with my family.
Every time we go holiday my Mum tries to do fun stuff. But me and Mum have a very diffrent idea of whats fun.

Her idea of fun is going on a nice little trip wjile doing educailnal stuff.My little banny is 4 but let me tell you this. He’s super smart once I gave him some of my homework because I thought it be funny to watch how confused he’ll get. But when I went to get a smothie je finished all my homwerk in half an hour.
The thing am most confused at is that when dad bought banny his toilet seat for potty trainig he was 2 and be should of finished it 3 but he hasn’t finished potty trainig and he’s turnig five next month.


My older brother lodrick was a whole diffrent story.
He used to like playing with me.when he was younger but after he went to middle school it was a whole diffrent story. Now he just wants to be in bed all day. Although he finished High school he’s supposed to go to college but he didn’t even want to go so he just stayed home.