As I sat in my tiny kitchen, where the walls were damp and crumbling, and the appliances were almost all broken, I smiled. Soon, I would be gone from this prison that I had had to call my home for the last 10 years. The letter clutched tightly in my hand held my future. With it, I would leave rainy, freezing and miserable England. I would depart to the Caribbean, a lovely, warm destination where my sun-loving skin could soak up the rays. I knew I had to leave, for the first time in my life

I had to admit, I was slightly apprehensive, never before had I left England, but I had seen the pictures on Instagram, and how different could it be really? Excitement started to ooze out of my body, forcing a grin to be etched onto my face. Barely, was I resisting the urge to get up and jump, let my emotions take control of me! But, I restrained myself. I knew I had to keep calm, not get ahead of myself. The journey was yet to begin.

Soon, I would need to have my bags packed ready to go. What would I bring? I had no clothes fit for this once in a lifetime trip! I couldn’t wear tracksuits and turtlenecks in the Caribbean, oh no! I would have to go shopping. So much to do before I went.
‘Caribbean here I come! ‘ I thought to myself.

My suitcases were packed, my passport was tucked in my pocket and my future was in my hand. I was full of nervous anticipation and a tickling sense of excitement as I stood outside waiting for the car that was due to arrive to take me to the airport. ‘Honk. Honk’. Flashing a quick smile at the driver, I got in to the expensive and very fancy looking car. Inside was wonderous, there were velvety leather seats, with control panels to regulate the temperature of them! Beside me was a mini fridge filled with what seemed like hundreds of snacks and drinks in glass bottles. It had only just begun but I loved it already.
As the car rolled slowly forward, I took one final glance at the world I was leaving behind forever. A pang of sadness hit me, but it was quickly swallowed down by my overwhelming sense of elation. The journey had commenced!
The short ride to the airport was spent daydreaming about the future, specifically the Caribbean. Never before had I felt so exhilarated and full of anticipation. My cheeks were aching from smiling all the time, yet I did not stop. I had all the reasons to smile! Just as we pulled up to the airport, I took a second to be grateful for this opportunity and I vowed I would make the most of it. Not everyone is as lucky as me, not everyone wins a million pounds in the lottery which they forgot they even bought a ticket for. But, it was too late to question that, I was just following the instructions on the envelope.
Once the vehicle came to a halt, I threw myself out and grabbed my stuff, making sure I generously tipped the driver, I saw the photo of his children on this steering wheel.

A blast of cool air hit me as I stepped into the airport.

To be continued ……