In the last episode Jay and Jayden’s parents came back for them. When they got home, there mom screamed at the top of her lung at Jayden got in big trouble. After that beating he was crying.  and sobbing everybody could hear. they was watching from window and called the police they had to come arrest there parents because of abusing there children so they were charged with fiscal abuse Jayden was crying Jay really didn’t care about his parents because he didn’t get a beating like Jayden because he was a good child. After living on the streets  for weeks  they remember there aunty  and went to her house she lived with her boyfriend .That was all the way in Brooklyn before they came they were goanna have dinner but Jayden made them order food. After they done her boyfriend showed them there room it was a small room with a bunk bed Jayden brought his play station. and played Fortnight all night Jay went to bed .  next morning they woke up to there money gone on the kitchen table while Jayden went into his closest and took a gun and put in his pants and walked towards jay. At dinner Jayden pulled at his gun to jay because his food was cold Jay came prepped and got his pistol. they pointed to each other  and shot each others head. Two week later they end up in the hospital when they searched Jayden they noticed he had a loaded AR pistol they take it and left the room couple minutes later they wake up. where my strap that’s the first thing Jayden said Jay said what strap because he lost his memory for  10 minutes. The doctor came  to there aunty and said maybe they should go for a jail visit and told her u might need to watched Jay head.

there aunt said yes. they went crazy when they heard there going to jail 3 week later Jay and Jayden jail visits is today. They met this one inmate with a knife in his cell he told the kids to come in the sell to see a guy  name bob he hhhhh threw them on the floor and started stomping them one of the inmates had stab Jayden in the chest Jay got up and ran to the kitchen he found a wireless phone and called the ambulance and told them all the details. Two hours late Jayden was in a coma for thirty minutes straight the inmate that had stab Jayden got the death penalty and two minutes to live before he would loose

his life. The guy that beat up Jayden and Jay the judge decided to give him a life sentence well back to Jayden he had woken up from his coma when he had woken. He was different person he was not the same he didn’t eat he slept really early and would go out every morning exactly at 9 o’clock. are aunt didn’t realized until he said no to his favourite  food pizza next morning after Jayden left jay search his room and all he could  find was one piece book and comics. 7pm when Jayden walked through those doors he look very tired but he had cloths that hadn’t drop yet that I’ve been waiting for a year.
My mind was racing I wanted to know how he got them so I asked him he said that he’s got cash and he gave me some I was angry so I threw it in his face. Two hours later its was dinner and Jayden told on because I threw money at him and apparently money its tight around so I had to sleep early with no dinner. While I was walking up the stairs I heard my aunty tell Jayden to give her all the money  for rent. JAYDEN laughed and said he would be welcome to the way he said I could I feel it in my guts I just wanted to run downstairs and fight him but luckily I’m smarter  than  the kid that lives down the road. He all ways smoking he six years old and he’s already around with bad examples. I wish I could help him but aunty said I can’t go near that animal not from me from my aunty.

Back to the story so he gave my aunty all the money and she gabbled all of it and lost I would think Jayden would   be fuming. To my surprise he was actually happy because he gave her some money from the printer. When he told me I was think he finally used his brain. I was staring to think if he had one but he proved me wrong. But he could tell I wasn’t listening so he left to be honest it I didn’t care.

And went to bed next morning  the mail came and it was my clothes that I have been waiting for weeks. I rushed upstairs but my Jayden was right there looking dead in my eye. He thought it was perfect time since are aunty and her boyfriend left the city Since I know what my brother is cable of so I ran to the  phone ran outside it didn’t look

like he was chasing me but now am in new York city . with no body around. Well I thought the phone my only way out but it was dead but then I saw Jayden my heart dropped because I know I still owe him some money so I ran. But  my brother betrayed me and drag me out of nowhere and him and Jayden was rushing to my pockets after they beat me up and stole my new clothes. But it was funny when Jayden got a beating I just sat down and I was grateful am still alive thank you for my documentary see you in the next episode