You Only Have Them For Such A Short Time

By Ross Young @WritingRocks_17

They run into the classroom and come to me with sheer delight.

They hold it up and say ‘here you go’. A beautifully intricate daisy chain made just for me.

I take them carefully in my hands and untangle them – taking good care.

Their eyes are watching to see how gentle I can be. I’m pleased to say I succeed and I wear it all afternoon.

The pollen tickles my nose from time to time and I sneeze a little more than usual.

And so, once all the children have departed, and I’m in the classroom alone, I notice it wrapped around me. I can hear echoes of their giggles as I take it from around my neck and place it on my desk in front of me and leave.

In the morning, it doesn’t look like it used to. It’s darker, sadder, it’s lost its vibrancy. I sit still and look at it for a while and sigh.


This was a bitter sweet moment. I’ve always felt it means a lot if a child takes the time to create anything for you in the time that’s their own. I guess the wilting of the flowers was a reminder that everything is subject to change. It was the end of the summer term and soon my time with this class would be over. Seeing your class depart is always a difficult time and seeing the daisy chain that morning represented this feeling perfectly.