Ronaldo was taking  a penalty for Portugal against Spain in a game.  It was an important game because it was the final game. So the Portugal supporters were screaming and waving flags at the best players in the world. He was standing one inch from the goal and he  feeling worried  he would miss penalty and he wanted to pass to his teammate.

Then his teammate passed to him and Ronaldo shot and scored in the last ten seconds. And the goal was fantastic! He ran to his teammate with a big smile on his face and his teammate held him in the air saying “Ronaldo is the best at football! let’s have a celebration for the last second. When Ronaldo was taking penalty and he take  a deep breath in and a deep breath  out then he ran to the ball hit it with power. Then the goalkeeper thought he was going left and Ronaldo hit it top right and he ran to his coach and gave him a big hug and big sui.

Then the other team   freekick then Ronaldo scored a free kick