I love biking because I do lots of Stunts… like wheelie and one-eighty if you don’t know what a wheelie or a one-eighty is I will tell you a wheelie is when you get some speed lift the handle bar the front of the bike will go up and boom you have done a wheelie. And also a 1eighty is when you go up a ramp and make the bike go in the air and turn and that is how you can do a wheelie and one-eighty. But I am going to tell you a secret tip so it mite be easier for you. Both of these tricks need speed and if you are on a bike a way to get speed is to stand up and peddle. That is a way that I do it but I know that there are lots more ways to get speed but the one I told you about is kind of easier
I also have lots of friends at the skate park which I can talk to and just have lots lots of fun with them. I wood ride on my BMX because that is the only bike I have but sometimes I would ride on my skateboard with my friend Tayo.
It is soo fun because I can just be myself I always see people that are better than me and I ask them how they got so good and they always say to try and try again and so that incurring’s me. Do you like biking too? If so what parts do you like about. Comment what you like about it and its ok to have different opinions so don’t be shy. Recently my bike got stolen I put it in the shed in my garden and the next morning when I went to ride it to school it wasn’t there I was shocked I cooed not believe it. And when I came back from school my mum told me that my neighbor mums bike got stolen too and also my mum said that she called the police and they said that they will get back to us so I am waiting hopefully it comes soo. and my mum also said if I don’t get it she will get me a new one so it is like a win or lose. If I do get a new bike I will