I wrote this poem in 15 minutes during an Arvon Zoom Masterclass with Roger Robinson. The title came from a conversation with a friend earlier in the week; she reminded me of advice that was gifted to me on a trip Key West at a turning point in my life. 

Participating in the Arvon workshop was also a true gift. The insights Robinson revealed about the process of creating the T S Eliot prize-winning poetry collection A Portable Paradise taught me many writerly lessons.

As someone with a chronic fear of publishing, learning about his process was incredibly freeing. In fact, it is the reason I felt confident enough to press ‘upload’ today. Roger Robinson religiously completes 150 first drafts, not 150 ‘good’ first drafts but 150 first drafts. I felt freed up by the notion of not trying to ‘get it good’; I needed to get it down and get it done.

And I did.

Here is my first draft. I’d love to know what you think.

Trust the Universe

He always chose to trust

His diligently repetitive handwashing routine,

Cocoon of Netflix, Zoom hang outs and a full fridge.

Passing his brand-new-rules-abiding neighbour



He always chose to trust

The spaced line snaking along the pavement.

A silent smile for the formerly-invisible security guy



He always chose to trust

That Spring would burst forth regardless

And new ways of living would emerge from the energy

of the Universe.


The freedom to trust is a beautiful thing.

Not a given but a beautiful thing.