Top Ten Hobbies

We all like chilling out and doing stuff every now and again but different people do it to others. Some people call these hobbies and here are my Top Ten hobbies. Tell me what you do down below.

1.Reading :Takes you to places you haven’t even imagined

2.Photography :Allows you to capture one moment of your life

3.Writing :Lets your mind wander and spill your daydreams on paper

4.Drawing :You can present something that is in your mind so others can see it

5.Knitting :You can create pretty much anything

6.Baking :A helpful skill and  you have a delicious treat afterwards

7.Sewing: You can create soft toys and anything else you want

8.Painting :Like drawing you can show what you are thinking and also share a memory

9.Experimenting :You learn new things about the world

10.Music :You can get your feelings out.

Please tell me what you do in your spare time.

I will talk to you next about Top Ten Sports