CHAPTER 1 too cool ;-!

Today is my first day of my new school! I am here cos I was too coOOOOoool for that school. So, that’s why I got expelled and moved here. Ok fineee. I pressed the fire alarm and slipped and hit my head. The teacher caught me. Actually, even WORSE the PRINCIPLE. caught me so he got me right out of there, I only did it to act cool though. It did not work … AT ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!! I am still in touch with my friends from my old school. (Cough) friend.


Today is Monday -the first day of my new school-and I am really excited! So I am wearing my BRAND new….. JORDAN 11’s !!!!!!!!!! They cost $700 so I don’t anyone creasing them or make them dirty. On the way to school I was walking to the subway and I TRIPPED ON A STONE AND I FELL ON THE GROUND WITH MY JORDAN’S! I held my breath as I feel the pain of my cuts and scrapes to check if my Jordan’s were scratched. And they are … PHEW they’re not scratched and if they were, I would have a heart attack. So, I decided to wear NOTHING AT ALL ON MY FEET! As I walked uncomfortably on the filthy floor, a DRUNK man threw a glass bottle on the floor and a few moments later I STEPPED ON IT. I screamed out in horrifying pain of the glass shards injecting into my flesh! Ughh I hate my life! Ok now I am in my Jordans not knowing what might happen and then … NOOOO THE SCHOOL BULLY STEPPED ON MY JORDANS AND I WAS NOT AWARE AND NOW THEY ARE CREASED!!!!! STOPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!