Once there was a boy called Jack. Jack was in the Livingroom with his family. They were eating sushi until his mum and dad heard a break in through the kitchen window. ten zombies scattered all over the kitchen table. The zombies pushed past each other to the mom. The mom screamed in pain while her organs were getting eaten, they ripped her intestines out


and mom organs


Jack ran as fast as he could so he tried to look around to see if there were any places to sleep. As it was morning Jack saw a bunch of zombies walking to him so he stood up as fast as he could and ran for his life.

The next day he could not stay there any more so he saw this bar so he crashed in there for a few days. The next day he woke up and their was a guy staring at him with a knife. Jack asked why do you have a knife the chef said I want to kill you. Jack had a idea so he ran to the door. The chef got eaten really bad. So jack got the chef’s knife. So, when there was a empty space he ran

So, Jack stood up and walked to the door and opened it and the zombies came running at the chef. So he ran as quick as he could so he open the door so he ran as fast as he could then he found a bat on the floor he picked it up and batted a load of zombies. he batted a zombie in the neck it went flying in the wall with blood squirting everywere. ` Then a Hench zombie came and punched jack in the face, jack. jack was on the floor. Jack saw a stone right next to his


and tried to hit him. And he found a bike so he picked it up and he drove of while the chef was getting eaten. He found this old abandoned house he stayed in there for a couple days.

The next day he heard zombies banning on the windows  he got really scared. He ran in pain to the basement. ailing at the  door the Hench zombie wax banging and banging on the door jack backed away form the door the Hench zombie bang one last time the door was busted open jack picked up the knife that was sitting on the kitchen table. Jack jumped high anoth to stab the zombie in the neck. It had blood poring out the neck it was green while jack got splashed with it some went in his mouth.   

 Jack ran out the house with scaredness’ he ran to a gutter there he saw no zombies so he could stay there but the next early morning jack saw his friend Gwi-nam and Choung-san     they were both holding knifes and they had a lot of blood on there top there was a zombie approaching ahead  Gwi-nam got his knife and stabbed it in its neck and he never let go until he saw the green blood  coming out there was a bunch coming out. after they went to this abended shack there was a nucellar bom, in the black hole jack threw a zombie hand at it and the hole town of zombies died as well as Gwi-nam jack and Choung-san and the 2days later the news  reporter was talking about the bom the men found the dead bodies in the shack they were black and were in peace’s and that the end of all 3 of them. But the men says that jack moving around and cothing because he used Gwi-nam body as a shield but they had to take him into hospital  but the good thing is that hes doing ok BUT SADLY THE OTHER TO PEOPLE DIED. But there was one still alive zombie the ars were riped off with legs but the bad men got there guns and shot it until itg was dead