On Tuesday November 29th, Holbeach School Council went on a trip to the Houses of Parliament to learn more about the important work that goes on there. We got on a train to Waterloo East, walked across Westminster Bridge and arrived at the Education Centre of The Houses of Parliament by 9am.
After passing through airport level security, we watched a short film about the history of The Houses of Parliament and then embarked upon our tour of The House of Commons (where the carpets and seats are green) and The House of Lords, which has red seats and carpets. We entered the Central Hall quietly and were respectful, so we did not distract people from their urgent work. We learnt about MP’s representing the people that voted for them, which is similar to our role at school – we were voted for and represent the other children in our class.
We saw where the speaker and the MP’s sit in The House of Commons and the golden seat for The King in The House of Lords.
Janet Daby (the MP for Lewisham East) spoke to us at the end of our tour about her job and encouraged us to think about becoming future MP’s or even The Prime Minister!
It was an amazing opportunity for us.