Long ago there was a time when I thought that all cities and towns in the world were surrounded by the sea. I believed that everyone had a beach that they belonged to. The sea is an important part of me, I close my eyes and it’s there, I hear the booming of the waves and feel the traveled breeze of the oceans. I sense the salty water that washes your soul, I miss the infinite horizontal line and the longing for places I have never been. I haven’t left the sea; I carry it inside me. The passion of tormented waters and unknown depths. The challenging and cold water of the Atlantic Ocean, and the warmth and immense beauty of the Guanabara bay – have never left me! I stand like the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, protecting my beloved sea. But it bashes and dashes, slowly I become sand, and it is easy to fall through between fingers. So, I close my eyes and swim, and swim.