Lucy woke up like any other day. She tried not to remember a few weeks ago when her parents both died of cancer. She would have done anything to get them back alive, but Lucy knew no one could ever recover from death. She had just graduated from college, which meant she had to get a job.

Lucy arrived at her university early. As she was dragging her feet through the hallway, she saw a janitor’s closet at the corner of her eye. Thinking of anything she would rather do, she decided to start getting supplies inside the closet because she wanted to help out the janitors. She found a note that said: ‘Whoever finds this note come to Room 569.’

Lucy was confused but she still went. The moment she stepped into the room, she dropped to the ground and her head collided on a rock that she hadn’t noticed when she opened the door. She woke up in a basement and in front of her she saw a man hanging from the ceiling with two sticks impaled in both of his eyes, his own arm sitting in his mouth and his toes and fingernails were ripped off. She ran out as fast as she could, not knowing where she was running to.



It had been six months since the incident happened. Lucy still remembered the gruesome scene, the cold toe hanging from a vein was seared in her mind. But it did not stop her from hanging out with her friends. Lucy couldn’t tell anyone what she had seen because she thought someone would go after her. She browsed all around town with her friends. After they exited McDonalds, Bernadette, the show off, spotted an alley, which looked damp and dark.
“I don’t feel like this is a good idea,” Lucy said nervously.
Bernadette replied, “Don’t even worry about it! Ok!”
“Fine,” said Lucy dismissively, rolling her eyes.
She was wary of going into the alley when it was dark. And once again! However, this time a cement bucket hit her head, not a rock. She woke up in a church and the priest said, “If you had one wish what would it be?” Overwhelmed by everything that she witnessed Lucy thought about it. In her head she said, “I really would love it God if you brought back my parents bu … ” The second she finished the first thought she passed out again! It was quite different this time. She ended up in a place with high walls on both sides of her. “Why a maze?” she thought?



 Lucy looked around worriedly. The funny feeling in her doubled every millisecond. Until she fainted from the nervous feeling. Lucy gained consciousness to see Bernadette kneeling over her with a face full of relief. Lucy felt confused and worried, she shouted: “Help!”

“Why are you such a scaredy cat, Lucy?” asked Bernadette.

“Shush, what are we gonna do?”

Bernadette ignored her. They decided to go down a pathway that they had spotted at the start. Lucy tiptoed quietly as she was thinking of what could be around her.

“No no no no no,” said Bernadette, “Ain’t no way I’m going now.’’

“What?” Lucy replied.

“How do you not see that woman? HOW?!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Lucy.

“Come on, we’ll just take another way.”

“What is that? said Lucy. “Bernadette? Hello?!” she shouted. Lucy looked beside her; Bernadette was nowhere to be seen. A heavy fog started drifting towards Lucy at light speed. The fog surrounded her causing her, again, to pass out. 



Lucy woke up, frightened of her unfamiliar surroundings. She heard groans coming from every direction. Lucy was terrified. Suddenly, a large wolf jumped out from nowhere. Saliva dripped down from its lips onto the pavement. Its teeth were pointed, so pointed it had harmed its own gums. Scratch marks covered its body. Lucy’s heart beat so fast she could hear it herself. The demon dog overpowered her with a terrifying look. She ran faster than she ever had before, not knowing where she was running to. The mighty wolf took its knife-sharp claws and stabbed Lucy in the spine. The wolf ate Lucy up as one meal.

Lucy came round and founds herself at the start of the maze. She thought she had probably experienced a vivid hallucination. The relief was intense! Looking around her she heard footsteps approaching. Her heart raced. The women, that Lucy and Bernadette had seen before, walked past Lucy without a care in the world.

Lucy stopped them, asking, “Ummmm, hello I’m Lucy and who are you and why are you here?

The women answered, “Hi, I’m Bernadette and I was with my friend Lucy a few minutes ago, have you seen a girl anywhere?”

“Wait what!?” exclaimed Lucy, as panic gripped her.

The sky closed in.