SO after Muhammed found out that Ali almost died so Muhammed is speeding to Doom-Slayer’s Base. Muhammed was lying to Doom-Slayer then he finally arrived and busted his door open. Ali flew away of the mountain but since he was injured he struggled to fly. Doom-Slayer was prepared but then in a millisecond he got punched and punched again and again and it went faster. Muhammed used his suit to smash him to the ground. Muhammed flew up in the air and flew back into Doom-Slayer and grappled him then he lasered him to the ground which led a million cuts on Doom-Slayer’s body and a massive burn on his upper body. Muhammed gripped his calves with full force, until he oozed his blood out. Then he tossed him to another Region. Kakashimaru knelt over doom-slayer and used his hand to feel his heartbeat but then his there was no pulse so he knew that Doom-Slayer was almost dead.  so he got this Potion to make him 100x stronger. Kakashiaru had a army of people who were twice as stronger than you think. ” THIS WORLD SHALL FEEL PAIN”! said Kashimaru. Kakashimaru took other England, Wales and Scotland. Muhammed heard the news about The country invasion. Muhammed remembered that he has the 3 swords and he picked it up. After he picked it up he wore his Samurai outfit that was black, scary and spiky. He went out to fight all Kakashimaru’s henchmen. He saw these henchmen and slashed all of them with one strike. Muhammed went to the advanced Henchmen and slashed all of hem in one go and zoomed to Kakashimaru. Kakashimaru was already prepared and he dodged the attack and countered his attack by slashing him with his giant blade and there was blood dripping. Muhammed got up and used his sword and slashed him but it was blocked and then Muhammed was sword fighting with Kakashiaru  blocked, slashed, blocked, blocked and it went on for an 1hour  until Muhammed had a good hit which left Kakashimaru fazed.