CHAPTER 1 The birthday

Our story begins 40 years into the future two twins are born. Skip ten years into the future the two twins are having there tenth birthday. The twins name’s are Kaiden and Kavarly. At the time they are celebrating with friends and family. All went well till the Accident…

CHAPTER two the battle

…What was the accident Kavarly was dancing and tripped on to there cake. A scream that had come from Kaiden steem came out of Kaiden’s ears and he charged at Kavarly. Kavarly got knocked down to the floor badly ingered. Kavarly got so so angry he punched the floor so bad there was a dent. Then he jumped on to Kaiden and punched him in the face. But luckily there mum came to separate them from each other.

CHAPTER three ummm chill time.

The birthday continues and they open there present’s Kaiden gets a boxing set and some weights. Kavarly gets the same and there was one last present for both of them they open it and it was the brand new xplay the new game station. The boy’s mouth dropped down to the ground with joy. There mum shantel said if they want to play with it you have to be kind to each other.

Chapter 4 the best of brothers.

After they mum theatned them off taking the xplay away they treated each other with love, care and support. As they grew up they had a interest in fighting and martial arts. By the time they were thirteen they was a fighting tournament that they signed up for. They’re two sets the first one was the kids division and the second one was the adult division. But sadly the boy’s slaughtered though the kids division until the final match between the twins

Chapter 5 Battle of the twins part one

As they walk up to the arena Kaiden says I’m going to win. Kavarly says try your best. They get into there fighting poses. The announcer shouts out THREE TWO ONE FIGHT. The two brothers punch each other right in the gut nearly punching each other out off the arena. The battle is intense each clash between then shakes the crowd. One final punch in the face Knocks them out but not out of the arena.

Chapter 6 Battle of the twins part two

the emotion coming from the twins is crazy. Channeling all their power. a burst of energy comes out of the twins with there hair spiking up turning silver and there eyes going red. they charge at each other. One more punch to each other knocks them out of the arena which means that the winner is…

Chapter 7 new encounters

…No one. After the battle of the twins they were determined to go into that state that they went into at the tornounment. Since they didn’t know what the spikey hair form was called they named it Beast. There mum shantel was a fighter when she was younger. She took the boys to her old mentor. They ended up in the forest looking for a tower. After a couple of hours they found it and pressed a giga doorbell. After waiting for a couple of seconds the old creaky door opened…

Chapter 8 Reaching further power

… The door opened with a old wrinkly green man. Little did the boys know this will be the greatest thing that will ever happen to them. As the boys introduced there self the strange creature said his name was Cami and said it was nice to meet them. Shantel told the boys to come back home when you finish your training. In a blink of an eye she disappeared. Cami set the boys on a task of speed. The task was to run around the whole forest the boys had to compete once again. As a reward I Will unlock your hidden potential and if you want you fight to get to the finish line said by cami

Chapter 9 power awakening

Like the announcer cami shouted out THREE,TWO,ONE race. The twins went charging with Kavaly pulled Kaiden’s shirt and smacked him into a tree. Kaiden got back up and pushed Kavarly down to the ground. But Kavarly was pulling Kaiden’s trousers with Kaiden not noticing. By the time Kaiden was a couple meters away from the finish line Kavarly jumped infront of Kaiden and almost tripped at this point they are evenly close to together and getting to the finish line as a draw. With Cami unlocking there potential.

Chapter 10 back to training

With Cami unlocking the boys potential the boys were introduced to a new found power. After two weeks of training the kids learned new techniques like flight, chi energy attacks and suppressing there chi. The boys decided to go back home and train for a couple of weeks. They said by to Cami and flew off they realised that they didn’t know were to go. So Cami telepathically spoke to shantel to pick the boys up with no other choice she picked them up.

The next book of SUPER DRAGON HEROES will come out some point of 2023!