Chapter 11 The Digital Room Of Time!!!
After a couple weeks of training Shantel took the boys to Cami. The boys said “Hello” to Cami.

Cami replied “nice” to see you again. The teens said by to there mum before she left. Now the teens went back to training. Cami noticed that the boys had gotten incredibly strong. Cami told the boys about a room that he created that when you go inside one year goes by in one day passes in the outside world. Kaiden asked Cami if they was a gravity system? Cami strongly says yes. The way how it works is for the first two months you have to work through 10 times was the gravity then 50 times the gravity 100 times and 200 times. Kaiden and Kavaly’s mouth drop wide open. The two twins asked if they go inside and with no reason not to he let them go.
Chapter 12 over coming gravity.

With the boys going in to the digital room of time they would need a years worth off food. One more thing Cami gave the twins a battle armour and a body suit to were under there armour. Now the boys go inside to a smash to there head to the slippery ground. Then they remembered that they were in 10 times earth’s gravity. So for 15 minutes of trying to stand up they finally make it up. Now the Kaiden try’s to get used to the gravity by jogging around the dimension while Kavaly try to do push ups sit ups and he utterly fails to do so. So Kavaly has put so much strain on himself Kaiden has to drag his little brother to the healing chamber. Did I forget to mention that they was a healing chamber that recovers you in a instance depending on your strength. Now that Kavaly is out of the healing chamber the genius starts to run but this time he can actually run. Kaiden is now straight up confused with the same person who was struggling to even stand up literally 20 seconds ago. But then he realised that he probably go a zenkai. Now your probably wondering what a zenkai is it a thing that you get when your hurt to the max then healed you a significant amount of power. There are three types of zenkai’s 1 zenkai 2 super zenkai and 3 ultra zenkai.
Chapter 13 coming closer to power.
Kaiden asked Kavarly if they could have a sparring match, as soon as it started it ended with Kavarly lightly flick Kaiden on his back.

1 YEAR LATER. Kaiden and Kavarly come out of the D.R.O.T in their beast form. They explained why they were in their beast state in the D.R.O.T they found a power beyond their beast form. One made you faster and stronger then next one made you super strong but made you slow’er but the next one gave you the multiplier of one hundred and with a speed multiplier of one hundred and five it was perfect as long as they can hold onto that state they might unlock a new hidden power. Cami agreed and asked them how the gravity felt for them when they left the D.R.O.T Kavarly gave a wink to Kaiden and said I mean it’s alright like. Kaiden in his head “ohhhh brother” Kaiden told Cami it felt ok but he didn’t master the force properly and wanted to test it again. Then a crash was heard from the Cami Kaiden and Kavarly. They all flew there at top speed Cami getting there first and the boy swooping though a couple minutes later to see Cami fight a whole army of black figures were beating up Cami to a pult. then Kavarly flow right though for him for a black musclure granny with a cane and said…