I love Super cars!

When I am older if I get enough money the two cars I would like to get is a Lamborghini Veneno and a McLaren p1. I think it all started when I was two. The first word I said was car when I said car I pointed to a car my mum and dad thought I was a quick learner , then they Anything with wheels I called car, I even called lorries cars even though I don’t really like lorries.

When I was four I discovered the fun fair. I always wanted to go on the supercar not the Aero plain or the boat. at Blythe hill there is a fest and there is lodes of events like a trampoline

When I was six I had a Go Kart for Christmas. I always used go to the park with it and go wising down the hills on it. This was my first taste of driving a car. Now I am too big for it. ?

My true love for supercars started when I was eight when I discovered Crew 2 which is a game I play on my Dads Play Station. I love playing it with my friend Ollie. the cars I have on it is a Aston Martin, DeLorean, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventordor and a Shelby cobra. I play with Ollie on the weekend. he has more Faster cars then me. ? but we are still friends ?. I find it ok because then I know what cars to buy and not. he also tells me the races that give me the most money on the game. the reason he does that is because we are friends

Also I like F1 cars they are so speedy and aero dynamic. I also like drift cars. Motor bike on the other hand are not as interesting to me. I only like the speed way bikes. My Dad, my Grandad and my uncle Simon watch it.

The fastest car in the world is the SSC Tuatara.it reach is speeds of 532.7 km/h or 331 mph