Stunt scooting is very hard if you’re a beginner but if you’re a professional It is easier. There are so many tricks you can do. Stunt scooting is a bit like BMXing. There are less tricks to BMXing. The tricks I can do are TAILWIP ,180 ,WHIP ,Double WHIP ,360, feeble grind ,180. 180 is you jump and turn
n your shoulders.

Scooter tricks for beginners are Bunny Hop, 180. Tail whip is where you spin your deck a full 360. 180 is where you jump and turn your shoulders . Whip Flat is where you jump and spin your deck 360 but on the ground. Double Whip is where you spin your deck a full 720(a 720 is two 360`s). 360 is where you rotate in the air. Tail whip is where you kick your deck around so it does a 360 and push down a little on your left side and then right side and left and keep doing that and you will and practicing you will one day get it!

Professionals are really good they can do like a Brie Whip and Buttercup. Those trick are really hard! Professionals for example Raymond Warner or Ryan Williams or Dakota Schuetz they can do some insane tricks! A few are Kikless, Rewind or Buttercup ,Triple Whip. I started stunt scooting when I was 8 and all I did was go a little bit high on the ramps. the year 2019 I got my first stunt scooter and it was so smooth. Now it is rattily and the bar turn is a little stiff. and I REALLY want a new one but my mum says I’m not getting a new one until Christmas. The scooter I want is the MGP T1. I’m better now and when I was a beginner I felt boring but now I’m better I feel GREAT! When I scoot I feel like I’m in my own space where I can do my own things.