Since I wrote last on my peace of work I talked about what I could do on my scooter. Now its a new year I have my new scooter everyone`s happy… at least I am and ill tell you why. first I got my new scooter I asked for Christmas in my other post called “stunt scooting” I got to go to a indoor skatepark at Sutcliffe Leisure Center and I got LOTS of money for Christmas (£100). This year I have a three stage stunt scooter bucket list its like a normal bucket list but its related to stunt scooter stuff.

did you knowgo to different indoor skateparks the reason its indoor and not outdoor is because outdoor is

Did you know that indoor skateparks are better

the second thing I want to do is learn more tricks (my friend can quadruple whip). And the third thing I want to do is inspire people. now I know this is going to be hard so I’m going to try my hardest to reach my goals.