When I played Arsenal and got 60 kills I was the winner. After I played Murder Mystery, I killed so many boys because I am good at finding players in the game.

After that I played CLICK Race and I got 222,000 clicks. So I won! I was so excited I jumped out of


Then I played Panic. I scanned 1 time, scanned 2 times, and scanned 3 times. I was second because Messi was a winner because he got out FIRST.

Then I played Street Soccer on the cumputer

and I was level 55 I tackle and shoot and dribble and save goals and do skills and defend.  week days I play late at 7:00pm and weekend I play until 1:00pm

and I scored 5 goals. When I scored the first goals that whole team when mad and My team won the whole match! I was excited and I was happy I was striker the defender the goalkeeper.

I played Valorant and I got 18 kills in total in the game because I got headshots for most of them, I had good guns and also I had a good view of the enemy base to kill them easily.

I play this game Apex it 5v5 and it 3 round I kills 5 or 10 kills enemy when 3 round were done we were the chapions.afternoon I played Fifa mobile and I got a 100 rated players and the goalkeeper and I play Head to Head I beat them easily fair and square.


Then I play Head to Head then started playing with someone and I won! I did  a  rainbow flick over

and UPGRADE to zero up to a hundred. I play door from Roblox then the light flick so wait for 3 second then the monster then I jump towards the closet and put my hand  and pull myself and the monster was rushing and he didin’t  see me up there. I was happy someone died


then I hide in the closet


and the bed it was rush and ambush and blue.tps.utimate soccer I scored 499 I only wanted 1 more goal to get from the penalty  and scored and make to 500 goals. I did a volley and kick the ball top right  corner and I couldn’t stop being happy  .Then I played DLS 2023 I chose Jack Grealish and Ronaldo because brilliant at shooting

Van dilk and Ramos are excellent at tackling

Mbappe and PELE are so speedy on the pitch. if there front of the goal they can shoot.

Pogba and   and Lowandonski and and Casimiro and R9

Casimiro and R9 are good at defending

Pogba and Lowandonski good at